Female Head

Work In Progress / 05 June 2020

Hi, y'all,

I am working on both male and female head sculpts based on Nabetse Zitro's artwork and his style.

I am almost there with the female head sculpt and here is a sneak peek. I am trying out for really graphic shapes eminent of his style

Also, I am recording a video of work timelapse from scratch and shall upload it on youtube once I have the edits ready :) 

  Let me know your thoughts so far

Traditional work

General / 31 May 2020

Did couple of charcoal works over two days and Here they are

Sister of Mercy Sneak Peak

General / 08 April 2020

Alright, I managed to find time to work on this in-between freelance gigs. Sneak peek from Marmoset toolbag ;)

Sister of Mercy - Hi poly

General / 24 March 2020

pretty much done with the sculpt, will get on with retopo next :)

Concept by Alexey Kruglov 

Sister of Mercy - Update 2

Work In Progress / 21 March 2020


This is a personal work based on the wonderful concept art of Alexey Kruglov .

Here are a couple of screenshots from Zbrush. 

I also recorded a video of the process,


General / 09 January 2020

This is my old work ( almost 3 years ago, Gosh ;) ) that was left unfinished as I thought I had lost the source files. This was based on the concept from  Serge Birault's Post Apo Girl. Was glad to find the files during Christmas and couldn't want to take the model to Substance. 

Here are some renders from Toolbag. Also, I did some tweaks to the face. 


General / 13 October 2019

Always wanted to do a version of Ryu and here is a start :D

based on the awesome artwork of sichong zhang - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Jle9YZ