Reeve in Progress - 4

General / 14 March 2024

A little deviation from normal. I wanted to try out 3d printing and did some quick pose to this guy. This would be my first 3d print. Fingers crossed to the results.


Reeve in Progress 3

Work In Progress / 19 February 2024

Here are some updates to Reeve,


Reeve in Progress 2

General / 18 October 2023

Some updates to the Likeness and render from Unreal Engine 


Reeve in Progress

Work In Progress / 31 August 2023

After a long time, I get to do some personal work :) Here is a likeness sculpt of Christopher Reeve as Superman. Quite happy so far, doing a quick Look dev in Unreal simultaneously :)


Anatomy for Sculptors - Review

General / 23 August 2022

Learning anatomy never ends and that's what makes the journey so interesting. Whether I work on creatures or stylized characters vs realistic characters, I always find anatomy a crucial aspect that makes the characters believable. There are tonnes of resources available to help in one's journey to learn Anatomy and I wanted to share a book that does this excellent

A4S is the only Book that’s on my desk every single day. I really enjoy how visual the book is and not necessarily cluttered with text. This is exactly what the artists prefer in my opinion and doesn’t make learning anatomy a scientific journey at the very beginning 

The topological renders plus the simplified planes of the anatomy make learning more effective and help understand complex structures more easily. Additionally, their scan data and 3d models on the website - help us to visualize the aspects even better. Overall I would highly recommend artists interested in learning anatomy get their hands on their books as it makes learning anatomy a breeze irrespective of whether the artist is a beginner or a professional.


Peter Fishmouther - Work in Progress - 02

Work In Progress / 14 February 2022

Second update on Peter Fishmouther by the awesome Labros Panousis. Blocking in the other elements and also tweaked the proportions a little. I will be moving on to the detailing stage soon :D


Peter Fishmouther - Work in Progress - 01

Work In Progress / 09 February 2022

The first project for this year !! :) I started sculpting Peter Fishmouther by the awesome Labros Panousis This is just a personal work intended to do study some stylized creature/animal/fish :D

concept by Labros Panousis


Project Dark - WIP 03 - Texturing

Work In Progress / 01 September 2021

Here is the first texture pass on the project. Will be moving on to the hair next and finally refining the textures overall. Decided to work with Spec Gloss pipeline for this :)



Project Dark - WIP 02

Work In Progress / 19 July 2021

So here is another update on the project. A little more polish/ work and I will be there with the final sculpt :)



Project Dark - WIP 01

Work In Progress / 12 July 2021

Hi everyone,

Working on personal work has been difficult this year. Here is a personal project I started a month back and have been working over the weekends on and off. 


Here is the sculpt WIP. Still exploring the design and shapes :)