Project Dark - WIP 02

Work In Progress / 19 July 2021

So here is another update on the project. A little more polish/ work and I will be there with the final sculpt :)


Project Dark - WIP 01

Work In Progress / 12 July 2021

Hi everyone,

Working on personal work has been difficult this year. Here is a personal project I started a month back and have been working over the weekends on and off. 


Here is the sculpt WIP. Still exploring the design and shapes :)

Marty McFly 04

Work In Progress / 18 December 2020

I have been on and off on this project. So, here is the latest update. 

I am done with the low poly of the garments and 80 percent through the textures :)  I will be moving to the low poly of the walkman next and then eventually the hair cards :) 

It's all coming along now :D

Here is a render from Marmoset Toolbag 4



Marty McFly 03

Work In Progress / 17 November 2020

I took the head to Mari and projected Texture Xyz displacements and diffuse. Also, I worked on the fabric a bit more by adding some secondary/tertiary folds :)

Here is a screengrab from Zbrush

I have been also playing with the new Toolbag 4 and set up a couple of studio light rigs. 





Marty McFly 02

Work In Progress / 09 November 2020

So, Its been a while eh!

I opened up the jackets and worked on the Shoes / the Walkman. Its all coming together :) and hopefully I can get the sculpt done in a weeks time 

Here are some screengrabs from Maya viewport

  And finally a render from Marmoset Toolbag 4 Beta 


Marty McFly_01

Work In Progress / 12 October 2020

Here is the second update on Marty, I made the nose/, mouth region smaller and few other minor fixes. I would be doing a finesse of head sculpt while working on the rest of the character. 

I also blocked out the garments in MD and brought it into Marmoset for a quick test using just swatch colours :)

Marty McFly

Work In Progress / 26 August 2020

I am doing something out of my comfort zone - Likeness sculpt :) . Here is the Head sculpt so far in Zbrush. I am planning to use Zbrush cloth brushes instead of Marvelous for the clothing. I am curious how they are :) So this might end up as a bust or a full character. Either ways, let me know what you think of the head so far.

Female Head

Work In Progress / 05 June 2020

Hi, y'all,

I am working on both male and female head sculpts based on Nabetse Zitro's artwork and his style.

I am almost there with the female head sculpt and here is a sneak peek. I am trying out for really graphic shapes eminent of his style

Also, I am recording a video of work timelapse from scratch and shall upload it on youtube once I have the edits ready :) 

  Let me know your thoughts so far

Traditional work

General / 31 May 2020

Did couple of charcoal works over two days and Here they are

Sister of Mercy Sneak Peak

General / 08 April 2020

Alright, I managed to find time to work on this in-between freelance gigs. Sneak peek from Marmoset toolbag ;)