Blade Runner Rogue
Blade Runner Rogue

Blade Runner Rogue / Nexus – NEXT GAMES

Platform – Android

Engine – Unity

My Role - I acted as a lead character artist from Dhruva's side in collaboration with Dhruvas Art Director Steve Walker on this project. It was a blast working on Blade runner title with Next games as it had several unique character models that had to fit specific base meshes.

Game Announcement info -

The game isn't globally launched yet however for some countries you can find them in here -
Google Play store –

My team of Artists was-
Sarath Kelat, Arun Aggarwal, Priti Singh, Chandan Yadav, Sachin Pradhan, Priyanka Debnath, Mahabir Singh, Anagh Alam, Arun Prakash,Naveen, Praphul P Ambika, Nitin Singh

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