Hunting Simulator 2

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Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 – Neopica

Platform – Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox one

Engine – Unreal Engine

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My Role - I acted as a lead character artist from Dhruva's side of the work. I collaborated with Dhruvas Art Director Steve Walker on this project. Internally we had a team of around 10 more or less. It was just a fantastic experience to work on this project and especially creating those wonderful modular gears and clothing. I worked mainly on the asset implementation and shader front primarily. I made sure the clothing pieces and hats were swappable without any issues. I had an overview of the art front and made sure the shaders worked well in-game.

My team of Artists was-

Aditya Salakava, Vinod Sharma, Rahul Singh, Sarath Kelat, Vinayak Sreekumar, Priti Singh,
Elvis Yesudas, Chandan Yadav, Ram Krishna, Anand Chander, Allwyn Dsouza, Senthil Kumar, Dip Addya, Arun Prakash, Naveen

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