Elvenar Trailer - we didn't work on this one though ;)


ELVENAR – Inno Games, Hamburg Germany

Platform – Web browser, IOS, Android

Engine – Proprietary

My Role – I worked as a Lead Character Artist on this project from Dhruvas side in Collaboration with Dhruvas Internal Art Director Steve Walker. I sculpted / Modelled / Textured the King character entirely. This was my first job at Dhruva interactive and had a blast working on him. The female Elf character was also created at Dhruva by a colleague Anagh Alam Sarkar. I had to lead a 2 member team for this project and had to maintain the visual consistency that folks at Inno games wanted. These characters were essentially used for Marketing purposes.

My Team of Artists were -

Arun Prakash, Anagh Alam

More artwork