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KATARA – In Game Character

Posted on Sep 5, 2019 by in 3d Artwork, Personal Work | 0 comments


Meet Katara, a character I designed wearing current/modern clothing mixed with medieval Armour/ Artefacts. She is an in-game character around 59k Tris with overall textures budgeted within an 8k map. In terms of art style, I went for the realism route on this one. The character is for the GGAC challenge which was the perfect time to challenge myself.
Do check out my Work thread in the following link –



Enjoy the Glory in Marmoset Viewer 🙂


Below is the my work thread 🙂


This is my first time participating in the GGAC challenge and decided to workaround the theme of Traveller.

Challenge link –

The character is going to be a Teenage girl Traveller collecting Artifacts while exploring Loulan.

To start with I have made the base body of around 7 head tall. Here is my first progress –

In regards to the clothing design, I did a quick concept sculpt of the idea that I have in mind. However while doing the marvelous phase, I decided to change the jacket from the Bomber jacket to a Parka one.

Marvelous Screenshot
Marvelous Pattern


Concept Sculpt


WIP 02

Worked on the Hat/Hemet and the Shoulder pads inspired from the Japense history. Started exploring the belt design at the moment. The idea for the buckle is from the Chinese Tang dynasty . Shall post more design updates soon.

WIP 03


High poly sculpt almost done, pretty pleased 😀

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