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The Traveller

Posted on Sep 5, 2019 by in 3d Artwork, Personal Work | 0 comments

This is my first time participating in the GGAC challenge and decided to workaround the theme of Traveller.

Challenge link –

The character is going to be a Teenage girl Traveller collecting Artifacts while exploring Loulan.

To start with I have made the base body of around 7 head tall. Here is my first progress –

In regards to the clothing design, I did a quick concept sculpt of the idea that I have in mind. However while doing the marvelous phase, I decided to change the jacket from the Bomber jacket to a Parka one.

Marvelous Screenshot
Marvelous Pattern

Concept Sculpt


WIP 02

Worked on the Hat/Hemet and the Shoulder pads inspired from the Japense history. Started exploring the belt design at the moment. The idea for the buckle is from the Chinese Tang dynasty . Shall post more design updates soon.

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