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Survivor – Real Time Maya Viewport

Posted on Nov 24, 2013 by in 3d Artwork, Personal Work | 0 comments

Survivor – Real Time Maya Viewport

Here is a character that i just finished working on. Its inspired from The Last of us and lot more survival games :-). There was no particular concept as such. I just designed the character as i went along. Enough Talk!So here are some Maya Viewport Screengrabs ( no post work except for the background )Render_01_V2 Render_02_V2 Render_03_V2 Render_03_Wire Render_04 Render_04_Wire Render_05 Render_06 Render_06_WIRE Render_07 Render_08 Tex_Sheet Zsculpt_01 Zsculpt_02 Zsculpt_03 Zsculpt_04 Zsculpt_05


Hope you like them 🙂 Thank you !


Okay Since the Marmoset Toolbag released its new version. Just did a quick Test



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