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Planet Coaster

Posted on Sep 1, 2015 by in Professional Work | 0 comments

Planet Coaster

Now that the Alpha and Few Videos have been published, I would like to share some of the Zbrush Sculpts of the Characters I have worked on so far. Will be uploading more in game screen shots as more content gets released.But here are the Zbrush renders nevertheless




CF02_Render AF10_Render  AF05_Render


Here are the Ingame models rendered in Marmoset

PirateLady_Render_Realtime KingCoaster_Render_Realtime AM05_Render_Realtime TM10_Render_Realtime


So the wait is over, finally we are making a coaster game 😀

Here is the website for the game incase you want to check out

Iam working on the Character team for this project and cant explain how amazing it actually is .

* I cant show the current characters wireframes or zbrush sculpts on my website yet, however do keep an eye on the thread as i would be uploading it once the game is done 🙂 I shall just keep sharing pictures as things get released officially from Frontier







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