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Posted on May 5, 2018 by in 3d Artwork, Personal Work | 0 comments


Its been a while since i did some realism for my personal work. Trying to implement the techniques that was shown at Unreal demo at GDC 2018.My goal is to achieve believable results in marmoset toolbag.  Here are couple of sceenshots of the head inside marmoset toolbag 2.04


Fly away cards 🙂

Further More work on the hair. adjusted the volume and trying for more of a layered messy look. Pretty pleased so far. Few more cards near scalp and should be good 🙂


A little work on the scalp and pushed the volume of the hair inside

Its always a back and forth pocess with the Hair Cards. Its still a WIP


I have used Mari for texturing and used Texture xyz’s amazing maps.

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