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Elite Dangerous

Posted on Mar 14, 2014 by in Professional Work | 0 comments

Elite Dangerous

I Worked on Elite for a real short time  before moving to a different project as a character artist

But while I was still working on Elite,I worked on a lot on the space station, some advert drone texturing,cockpit plinth modeling and some ship wreckage’s

However since the game hasn’t released yet Iam unable to post any of my work but shall post some screenshots from the footage/beta that has been released so far.


Worked on the Advertising Drone Texturing in the below image. Was incharge or baking,texturing and Shaders on the drone and its advert screen.


Here are some better renders of the Bots I worked on







Worked on the below image  on a specific portion (Top Right part ) of the spacestation. Had to come up with a design and overall shapes of the panels. Also worked on the materials on the Spacestation.



More images are to come once the game releases but till then , Drool at the Love Beta Trailer that we released 🙂

Beta Trailer Elite dangerous –


and some fancy Screenshots 🙂


And If you are interested in knowing more about the game and want to purchase it Please do visit



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